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Woo Woo 2.0

the next level woo woo!

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Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis

i just wanted to say that its rediculous that we have a blog, what are we famous? In terms of celebrity hotnesses, i will be scheduling a mini golf tournament soon... just to keep yall in the know.

Also, for those who dont know... or know and like the hyphy nation of oakland, yall should watch through this whole thing..

Monday, March 27, 2006

in other news...

The Cabrillo Women's Locker room has updated their equipment. Soapy Soap dispensers now annoint the places above the sinks, where the drab, brownish gray, uninviting soap dispensers once resided. Life has changed. hand hygiene is now a fun, inviting experience. I look foward to my encounter with the Soapy Soap ghost, yet to come this wednesday.

Bill and Josie are workin on a pheasant puzzle.

n. pl. pheas·ants or pheasant
Any of various Old World birds of the family Phasianidae, especially the ring-necked pheasant introduced in North America, characteristically having long tails and, in the males of many species, brilliantly colored plumage.
Any of several other birds that resemble the pheasant, such as the partridge.

Chris still likes his union suit. its red.

Tonight at dinner we talked about smart things, like bitches and hoes. And history and something about Greece. Men vs women. NLS. Oh yeah, the eating tonight was a heartyparty. Thanks to Beeell and his hearty stew. VEGANISMS YEEHAW. Kudos to special guest Jason, for the EXCELLENT appetizer. much tasties. Thank you!

Also, wedding singer is a funny movie. and there was a really friggin scary 'Double take style' lady with lots of cake make-up scary eye liner hella red lip stick what the sh** at Trader Joe's. Something was not right.

Aight then, we miss you.

-lefites 06

Our Flavourite Laurels vs Being called a Fat Girl By Your Teacher in High School

(from march 18th's dinner, kel took notes in our book, Cass money transcribed from paper into the world wide web)

pre noted: all our readers are present for dinner

Tonight is Bri's Pre-Birthday Dinner HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRI! (pasta, garlic bread, pear and gorganzoliolia cheesey candy walnut salad chelluh parmesian)

And at school today, Bri overheard the following quote:
"Clarence has officially joined the hyphy movement" Also noted, Bri saw a NINJA at the gas station>hyphy.

So. our favourite Laurels (We all know someone named Laurel, some are 'uber hip', some are nature girls, some are engineers- lets have them be our highs of the day) vs Being called a Fat girl by Your Teacher in High School (In high school, Claire's teacher asked her, after learning Claire's name (Claire) asked her, "Claire? Isnt that a fat girl's name?" DAYAM that teacher was on some next.

As we get ready to round the table, Josie pets Bill's head until He makes her stop by getting uncomfortable. Our Bill. Happy Bill? maybe not.

More pre H and L's. Bri reads books. Claire goes for the gusto, face in the salad bowly bowl.

BAM BIRTHDAY BRI. "she is happy" happy bri. In walks the cake with Our Bill. Bri blows out the candles, one was still smoking, so she put it out with her fingers, making the known 'psst' sound of a fire going out, with her own mouth.
(note-our happy bri song was pretty weak.)

Bill's fo Real:
Favourite laurel of the day:
Reading the Vegan Cookbook and doing the page of extra credit cut and paste job. mumbo jumbalo, one paper good for two classes. hellz yeah.
Fat Girl: Not wanting to study so leaving school to follow his heart.

Claire's Being Called a Fat Girl
Getting the stomach flu and passing out her sink. That was not tight. What made it even looser was the fact that her roommates heard the shit and didnt come out to retrieve her. Alas, she did manage to get some water down the right tube and back into bed safely. keep up the good work Claire. We are here for you.
Claire's favourite laurel was running into the 7foot tall-one foot balancing- aura healing-freestyle rhyme styling-Jew. She, however, felt dumb (A form of Hyphy) giving him money though. Me and Josie were pulling on her aura trying to go, but really tall Jew man poet was down to chat, as was claire, so we joined the circle, listened to a poem, met some foolios, santa cruz stuff like that. Grace Usui (camp Tawonga name drop #1) yelled out at me from Bead-It (wack bead store, readers, please dont bother), letting me know that yes, Bri was in town. Really? And dude asked me if my name was Ken. Which wasnt that wierd, considering the embroidered name tag on my jacket says "Ken". IT was legitamate. unlike Ramo's son.

Back to real life: Bri rocks in flaunting her favorite dial tone, somehow this leads to us talking about the Co-op battle :
ZAMI VS CHAVEZ WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU REALLY ON??????. Maybe we should rise above it and make our own co-op. or do we sorta already have one? HELL NAH. fuggg that 'brown rice and sandals' (wyatt that was for you= know what im saying?) hippy sh*t. as you know. we dont need dat. we already on some next. except Bill's idea 'EVERYTHING FARM" or something, does sound pretty cool and suppossedly "I like cows". Im tryin to remember what that was in reference to. ITs probably more meaningful with no reference.

back to real life part II
My favourite laurel was talking to my dad and finding out that there are some sweet hook ups in my life. My dad is gonna help me out and get me a brand new compy, instead of paying bank to get the old jenker fixed.

My getting called fat in high school of the day (BRI"S PHONE AGAIN)

had to do with some stupid ass homework bologne concerning my saturday listening class.

digression: Idea arises, How would one go about egging some fool's bike?
">There would have to be a very close range, we decide. Not much rage to be released from the throwing because of the lack of surface area on an average bike. You could crack the egg over the seat and serve those foolios. Anyhow, Claire made catfood nastybombs3000 v5.7 and threw them at jerk's houses. They were paper wrapped meatloaf tuna style... . thats some next claire.

Bri's Laurel of the Day was this CAKE- it made her real happy (a different kind of hyphy).
"I told y'all" -Henry
Being Called Fat- Her landlord is getting hyphy, bad bad bad bad, and he's possibly dangerous. "He's like....wack". Harassing her roommates, and roommates and shit' significant others.
"Bitches aint nuthin but hoes and landloads" -Henrizzle

Henry's (who the sh** is Henry?) Favorite laurel (to note, Laurel should be coming to dinner more often) would be the tip toeing about the Bri cake business at Trader Jizzle's. Bill's facial expressions regarding the secrecy were a particularly nice laurel of the day. Hella much awkwardnesses, Bri being out of the loop was quite a success. (some would call it size PHAT)
His being called a fat girl in high school: thinking thinking thinking. Ah here we go . Not having anyting to contribute to the meal. We were all like Hell nah! Nah, you brought Grapefruit Soda! and Bread! Hyphy!

digression part II:
Bills Dream Music Video
Consists of one person in a Pacman costume, one person in a Ghost Costume, running around in public places (ie, Santa Cruz Public Library, Urban Outfitters, Wednesday night Santa Cruz Farmers Market, etc) . Audio tip: "Waka, waka, waka, waka"

And last but never least Josie. Her favourite Laurel of the Day was well, there are a few here. First was just maxing out and watching a movie (Constant Gardener five stars all around) "Because I wanted to"- Josie, thats legit."she's right yo"-henry Second, we made plans for our cross country road trip, and she even frickin found a Benjamin ($100.00) on the ground.
Josie's Fat girl of the day was that she was horribly ridiculed by Our Bill for the sweater she was wearing. He wouldnt hug her.
"It feels like a dog and smells like cigars" -Bill
"What choo got against dogs?" -Bri
Josie's other fat girl of the day was loosing the crotch of her pants.
"They're like Chaps"

bam, mission accomplishments. "What? I meant accomplished" -thank you Henry.

Until next time, stay tuned, we'll be back in business again soon.

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keepin on

Thursday, March 16, 2006


(from Henry)
Please note that although it seems like we dont care about our two fans and our internerd status, it would still be great to get up in here soon with some biz..

I guess what im saying is its coming.. I hope my counterparts are backin me on this

Lately people have been getting a little hyphy, so i thought yall should be knowing whats up.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's Saturday Night..March 11, 2006...9:41:20pm

Typer: Bill Hogan

So we have a special futuristic Hi/low where we predict tomorrows hi/lows in honor of Clair's future robotic party tonight...

so we got ...Eating/digesting normal nice food, and eating charcoal pills because you just got nasty stomach flu.

***We have a special appearance from Mrs.Delany..flying to the SC for spring break all the way from North Caroline.

Chris starts it off:
My bright sunny Sunday with good food will be a warm sunny Sunday with good food.
My raging stomach flu with charcoal pill puking black charcoal….goop of tomorrow will…. be … I don’t know, how should we say lows of tomorrow, I don’t want to guess my low of tomorrow…I will hopefully get some sleep, but maybe not, maybe I’ll wake up early.
Cass: I’ll wake you up

Chris: Shit!
..I gotta get up and write my essay anyways. Or my teacher will think I’m a jerk.
Josie: I like how Cole calls butlers BUTTlers.
Cass: Cole’s going to be in a play soon and we should go.
Kel: Is he in cats?
Everyone: ha-ha
Cass: hah no its Romeo something something…

Kel: I got one, I got one
Josie: that happened the other day when I got on the bus
Bill: ok back to Chris.
Chris: My low was maybe waking up with these hoes. Trying to get our spacious room to fit three beds…
Chris’s Phone rings..

”is it Misha? Yea, yea it is.
Kel: Bill I forgot I, I mean I’m not trying to torture you (Bill sucks at typing)

Next…we have Henry..

During tomorrows well fed crap (high)..I did some stretching, went to book shop santa cruz, then decided to run borders shit. And then other great things that happed tomorrow…Umm Iiiii finished my hellish bookmark project (homework)…and somehow my bike started working really well.
Now my charcoal ass pill during my puking every 20-30 minutes and “double ender” nasssty….(low) I was a little sore from the robotics dance at clairs and then I saw the fool with dark hair and I already don’t like people with dark hair…and he was spitting and shit and I was one row back on the bus but then I realized the dude was a character from lost boys…but then I was like I aint going to fuck with this guy so I left him alone.
Day of perfect digestion: Going on a bike ride with a everyone, going fast, working well, smoking hella weed all day and yeaaaaa.
My charcoal pill was….can we type it backwards because im going to think of something later.
Kel: don’t worry I’ll get the link
Cass: you better get that link.
Everyone: ha-ha
My great day of digestion includes going top work with the boss not being there and not spilling hot milk on my shoes and cooking the good dinner that you will all love.
..and my charcoal pill was that it was raining all day tomorrow. Sorry guys. I’m up on the weather. 80% rain. That’s all
Special guest Delaney:
Fabulous day of digestion we’ll have hanging out and doing all the cool SC things that everyone does here including but not limited to, surfing, soccer, biking , knitting, moving around, ect…ect..
The low of the day would be ummmm ummmmmmmm Running out of yarn on my hat. I feel like its going to happen. That is it
Bill: My uh eating charcoal and puking from 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock in 20 minute intervals would be not being able to fix my bike because the bike church is closed on Sundays

My high is going to be playing soccer and beating the saw people… because they’re no good.

Its 10:10... we have to get our party on. Robotics to come. That is all.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Summer Dreamy, and Basta off the cliff at Lower Rainbow

Today's scenario: a Hell of nice day at Lower Rainbow with sandals, versus Basta falling down a crazy-ass cliff and getting poison oak.

Basta five step program utilized by Zilenko to attempt to insert his penis into the ear of mother earth after 1. buying her oils and perfumes, 2. Making the clitoris sing opera. Unfortunatly, he forgot steps three through five. His attempt failed, um how should we say, prematurely.

Micheal Zelanko-nice lower rainbow of today, he found out he's about to be in a music video, in a speedo, on a yaught, Its a Jay-z video, on a yaught.. Bastas cliff fall, was falling on Z's bike, while standing, feeling hellof dumb, droppin his flute and shit. He also didnt like ideas behind dinosaur bob racist ass shizzle, (cass' beloved childrens book).

Cass, nice day at lower rainbow with sandals, the mellowness" at day care today, and just hangin out on the blacktop with the kids, playing with bouncy balls, and running to go retreve the balls from the street, which was fun becuase.. another, josie having circular needles... nonsense
Basta style fall cliffinit was, (nonsense).

Josie, hellof nice day at lower rainbow with swimsuit, her class getting cancelled, and getting out early, getting to come home before work, and... um, getting her coat back from Z's Speakeasy Party last saturday, (Zelanko's side note is that he lost a coat today(Josies).
Josies basta falling down a cliff, well she didnt have an interesting day, the espresso machine broke at work, so she had to heat milk in the microwave and everytime she heated it up, she spilt it on her shoes, also the people in the back of the bus today, not tight not tight... Next level average folks.
(Z, he had a bus nazi today, saying there was only room for two more people on the bus, but there was hella room, and made a group of three friends get off that shit, fuck.shit.)

Chris and his wonderful sunny day puffies, hotrocks, and sweet sluts, volenteering at the bike church, talking to Delaney about her coming in tommorow and shizzle, (Hype hotness factor to da max), and it was a nice day(3 mentions for brisk).
His Basta's bleeding face cliff tumble coming back to work type shits, was not writing any english papers today, lazyiness set in with gusto on this little starchild.

(guest phone conversation with Seth Krauthy and MC Zelanko, overheard by Henry)
"Less cruizing, noticably more fame, almost unanimous, almost like 18 out of 20,( His hood is on and shit it looks like Zelanko is going to jet any second,but hes still on the phone.) Thats so much work, what do you need two for? double the fun? I mean i like pleasure but like, i like fun, often times people do, thats where i come in, my pleasures doing good, my pleasures off the hook, yeah, maybe 4 out of six, definetly above sizler, i think i hit red lobster, i might be going to the outback know what im saying." "is it fun there(in santa fe) or is it just a bunch of old fools, do people give a shit? Pretty understanding over their huh, like care bears, i would hope not, Ive got so many ants in my house, you know what they love brita filters, they nest. You should look into that... Do you guys have sidewalks, yeah, ok, trees? skiing? no-way! do people wear those things, poncho's and cowboy boots, thats what i think of Santa Fe, thats sweet. My housemates got a lizard named mingus, and when the lizard dies hes gonna take it to mexico and have fools make boots out of it, well, maybe as racing stripes, thats about all the lizard can offer, unless your trying to make a really small boot... LIttle girls love dolls, its true..... good point, Raw Dawg? with a pole or what? Oh my god, and people get knocked off? your school is really hardcore huh, fairly? 7 9ths?

Bills birthday

in recent news, the school week is about to be over, meaning many boners and much sleeping... oh, and bills birthday, and so due to this wonderfull upcoming day, i found the perfect gift that i wont be giving him, becuase it is too much bread, and im not talkin beckmans..

I feel like there is something very wrong with this photo.. perhaps its the red velvet sheet its sitting on, with the chain drapped in just such a way, bill, this is for you big guy.

Henry Homies.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tijuana Stag blankets of Korea

Today's Buying the freakin awesome blanket with the buck on it from Tj for 20$, and, getting the same blanket ripped apart by customs and then shot with a flar gun are...

(note: this is from the collection on our wall)
(Bill typing...but passes it to Chris because he has a term paper and midterm tomorrow at 8am...)

Bills Gettin his blanket wrecked was having a super cram week at school right before finals...which is right now. He has been slaving away...his only boner blanket was finding a hot steamy pillow of cheesy love waiting in the pan when he got home...lasagna.

Josie....Her first shredded blanket was...eatin some free ice cream at work, and getting caught red handed with a spoon in the big creme tub, leaving a hair on a sandwich for a customer...and finding out that her boss is paying her minimum wage, inste3ad of the requested MAXIMUM WAGE.

her cuddly stag blanket was seeing a lady running a huge PACE flag across a busy street, no doubt on her way to the peace rally...Josie felt that pace was well represented....Josie also hates flare guns shot at the crooked handlebars on her bici.
Kel's nice toasty, somewhat transparent deery-deer blanket, similarily priced to the lamborghini clock of camp drive fame, was getting to ride Bill's Kickass Steed of a Schwinny-Schwinn, which is fast and whippy and a boned out erectoid. He also like PACE.
Kel also got some great advice on automated answering services that are normally such a flare gun shot in the butthole, that by pushing Zero repeatedly you will be guarenteed.
Kels flaming shredded buck blanket was finding that his bike tire blessed his with its own flatness, although it thereby allowed him to borrow Bill's bike.
Cass' dull ass (but vibrant and beautiful) day was highlighted by a nappy-nap at 5:00 today.
Her customs bastard taking apart her beloved blanket, checking for trace amounts of cocaine in the buck's nose, was, as she is sad to admit, was once again some bitch-ass instigatin' kids that are not as rad or peace loving as the rest of them. She says she doesn't by any means hate her job, but it always manages to find its way into her daily lows...

(guest narrations by Henry)
Chris and his anti Pase flag was that he worked hella hard for his class and "its just barely enough" (bill inserts hug), Teacher Schwartz told him he was on the right track, noticing the hard work by this fool chris,
he rode his bike home by the beach, did some bike meditation typeoshizzle.
His warm stag blanket of Love, he got to school in 25 minutes on his bike, beating the bus until the last second, he emagines scenes from Breaking Away, fools on the bus watching him race them, (bill insert, bill studied more than he could have possibly study, walked into the test, "everything I could have possibly done", went to take the test, and Bam, the intire class failed. Next level, hella bad news)
Its sad but we all can relate to this whole college shits, not feeling like you can do anything about knowing everything you need to, but more importantly, we are talking about a blanket, almost aquired in Tijuana on the trip that broke cass' car, hella nice blanket/rug/ill hotness... enough of this college shit, its time to party...
(josie recalls being stuck in Losthills CA. at Loves)
Chris' cuddly beautiful smiley roberta flack blanket was riding his bike super fast, running every stop light, racing cars, gangster rolling steez, felt good riding the bike, bike bike bike, more bike talk, then he said "which reminds me" which pretty much means more bike bike bike talk.

Pants Pants Pants muthahuffers, and we are out, this is Henry and your tuned into the illest and floppiest, Next Level Shit for the 2006. Hyphy. We out.

(end narration)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More tales of public restrooms

tales of public restrooms..
By: Josephine Louise

today, in the lovely cabrillo bathroom (the one under the library) I entered 'the stall'.. apparently this is the most frequented stall by those people I would like to refer to as 'sitters' - those bathroom goers that make a trip to the toilet an epic event. Paragraph after paragraph has been written in this stall. This particular writing, basically a short novel about the harmfulness of cars on our environment was paired with a particularly humorous comment. There, next to the three paragraph expose it was written.. 'white ass hippies.. tofu motherfuckers.'
that is all. public bathrooms can be quite entertaining. ha tofu motherfuckers.

Also notable.. the soapy soap dispenser in the male bathroom at cabrillo. more details to come..

stay tuned folks. (or bri)

(in case any of you adventurous types want to check it out for yourselves)

(new addition from Henry)
This refers to bathrooms and a soon to be really played out joke that yall's will be reading and cursing at me about. At Cabrillo:

In the same bathroom josie described, only the male version, there are a few interesting contraptions on the wall, there is the condom dispenser with the " cool graffiti" style logo, thats by the door, and then theirs the soap. by the sink...
The soap by the sink is located to the left of the big mirror, and into the corner, I noticed a few months back that the soap dispenser is hell of "wacky".. Printed on the liquid soap dispenser is a really cartoon version of a ghost and in a spooky font it says "soapy Soap", this looks to be a gimic to get the young children to use soap instead of the rinse down, a staple in child handwashing technique. Somehow this dispenser made its way to cabrillo, perhaps becuase its Junior College.

The fun part came when one day after using the trusty soapy soap to cleanse my hands, I thought I was in need of an extra wastefull, good feeling of the hands dry down, so i turn to the towel dispenser to get me one of thems, and there is someones sharpie writing across it saying "towely Towel", that shit was too funny, i hope it seems funny in reading it.
Im out, Peacy Peace.

Monday, March 06, 2006

best bus stories, from back in the day...

YO, this is Henry, and I think we all have some old time bus stories, feel free to add yours in the comments section of the blog, but here you go.... Josie is telling stories about her sisters, they hella dumb. Hella high school, which brings us to our destination, and after a half an hour of stories about bus wierdo's in saintly cruz, its about time we all dug way back to give you the ill hotness in old slimeball antics.

Cass told us a story about a kid getting called a "CATNIP" and making this other kid hella sad and shit, but Cass asured the kid that that was some stupid shit to say. Josie Chimed in.. when she was little she called her mom a name and she got the soap, so couldnt call her anything bad or she'd get the soap again so she called her a "mudsplat", I told a story just now, yall missed it... back to josie, who once when there was an older kid picking on her she said to him "shut up, you have elastic jeans on!", she served Jimmie Preskenis, a dude from dover, in delaware.

Here we go, the Bus

Short Bus #13Glen Ellen CA, Dunbar, (josie laughed)what would be a two minute car ride, turns into a long as little kid wait, trying to get the farthest back seat on the bus, always after that last seat, at about 4th grade, being one of the older kids of the bus, he goes for the backseat, but the bitchy ass first graders from chris' hill decided to talk shit about him, hellof cruel ass girls(Lacey and some other red headed). He began to dread that ride home becuase those bitches are always making him miserable, at one point, she got dropped off at the bus stop at get on the bus with those bitches, but Chris' mom(who was already angry from some other shit), Chris mom did the unthinkable, intimidate the shit out of the two bitches and Serve them with a Yardcore mom steez, props to Penny, she stopped those bitches.

Story about an Evil Lacey, Cass' story:
A girl name lacey dared cass to put up her middle finger, cass didnt know what it meant and did it, in front of the principal... moral of the story is that cass cried.

Guest Narration:
Kelly: Riding the bus as a young lad up until becoming a old ass dude.. with much celebs.. rasta kid, nick l, and more..
I rode the bus, all the fucking time. i was a bus riding maniac. only been kicked off three times.
i was hell of crazy.
the height of craziness...
gotta give mad props to lil j wilson.. a funny ass dude (made a mask of his penis and balls in art class.. painted skin tone.. slab of penis and balls.. whattttt) he was fo real. hella crazy
lil j pretty much owned the back mini seat.. *prize seat* earned that seat like nobody else
opened the back door to throw shit at cars...
after snapple bottle throwing craze,
now for the height of craziness:
lil j wilson on his rager path.. at the corner of Leveroni and Arnold, j hucked the mini seat bottom out the window
then he had no seat for like a week
towards the end of high school i had to sit in the front seat a lot.
G.E. Bus 11...

in regards to me laughing about the short bus.. GE was a small ass town and was hella far away.. short bus went all over that place to pick up some little kiddies.

shit was wack.. bus service stopped in sixth grade.

Im back, its henry and im writing again, (in walks chris in his one piece red shit)

Josie on a bus story, her buddy dustin fell asleep on the bus and she decided not to wake him up, so he stayed asleep and it drove away and Jos, just decided to let dude sleep.... another story, this girl andrea, a really nice girl, got on and sat with Josie, the girl got sick, leaned over and puked into the aisle, and the puke slid in the black slots of the aisle, spreading throughout the bus through the hills, (off she exits "sorry guys, but i gotta take a shower").

Crashiddy: one of the times she went to SF on the weekend, there was a guy wearing a doctors mask on the side of his face, and in the elastic strap there was a $20, she posed in front of him and apparently he was fairly hyphy. She later apoligized for the story, thanks shortee.

Bill is MIA, possibly watching movies with college girls and shit.

broadcasting from school..

Talking bout eating a burrito everyday...

Henry Homies.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Todays H&L's are: Your happy smiley hare Krishna bum Vs. Your bum with blood streaming down his face yelling “My bike is gone and you just punched me in the eye!”

Rag Doll: happy jumpy air-guitar bum: Bus ride behind lady eating “THAT SANDWICH”
as she gestured to our holy grail of The Testicle on French roll Sandwich, which luckily also smelled the part. She was getting all hyphy about it in the back seat.
Her blooding bum: Having been sucked into Rupert Murdoch’s Death Zone of Myspace today. Personally I think that she is shopping for a replacement for our Bill. Defends herself by claiming that she has no friends.

And a guest appearance by our very own: Claire dog: her homeless, happy bum: having to get up early to study with her boy toy, who might be a bit too nice, but he sure is a good listener. She also talked some spanglish with her pizzamyheart homie.
Claire’s bloody bumface: a crush o’ back pain, plus a dance rehearsal at 10 pm tonight, apparently some hell of abstract shit to some classic-ass rock.

Chris’ Hare Krishna Bum was kicking some ass in English class today unexpectantly and getting brownie points with the teach cause he like mr. J londen.

We had to pause

so that rocker ass trick could answer her friggin cell phone…THEN MAKE A SECOND CALL…We ain’t havin that!

Chris’ Angry-ass bum was realizing that he had to cancel his north bay play-date because of a geology lab that he let slip his memory. Too bad sucka.

Super bloody nose missing teeth bum, complete with granola dreadlocks with motor oil was (you guessed it) some of her kindergardeners, tryin to get down wit their hotlunches, eatin some sloppy joes and shit.
She reports that not even fruit snack bribes could shut those fuckers up.

Her happy ass dude was getting those same wonderful children to trace themselves out on butcher paper, in a multitude

Henrys various bums live together (in a tunnel, or down by natural bridges maybe), but they all came together at his graphic design job. His happy bum actually offered him a beer at work, drinking the devil’s brewskie on the job. Very tight, very tight. Henry wanted to throw a big-UP to the movie Turk-182.
Unfortunatly, all Henry’s dirty, nas-TEE ass bum had to offer was a nasty shit that he was taking under the bridge where Henry was visiting for some strange, dark, and unknown reasons. In addition, directly after he was shat upon, he went out for some tasty PP pizza, but was shocked and appalled when he was charged TEN dollars (!) for two slices of some fairly tasty but not extra special pie.

Its worth noting that Bill was in fact not present, because he was living up the UCSC college lifestyle by watching some anime flick with girls. I guess that his day will remain a mystery.

In other news, Wyatt doesn’t get it, Dyll thinks we cool, Seth is too busy to bother, and Bri wanted to chime in, but won’t give up her email. Thanks posse.