Sunday, April 30, 2006

yes yes

panther parkour beach

we here at the lefties decided to take a field trip to panther beach, holler!

Friday, April 28, 2006

basta and bobby

hopefully yall know about basta and bobby, but in case you dont,,,, here they are, at the block party that they put on for earth day, note Bob's detication to the Hyphy movement.

we some indoor kids

So basically, Leftie posse be just doing average stuff, and heres your look at that. hammin it up. and the fire truck flick from our window is because the next door neighboor is moving out and just wanted to stur some shit up first. Excitement applenty.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

ninjas of turtle

What can we say-just old ladies, getting hyphy at the old folks home. bald cha cha. bwoi

Well, our lives have changed forever...the world of mutant ninja turtles have suddenly bursted open with the descovery of a new way...Its like the star wars universe novels all over again.

We should like to introduce our readers to a master storyteller, you simply must see for yourself. Turtle Art Amazing Its pretty much the ultimo panther.

Ah yeah the roadtrips just been canceled, but velodrome session and bike swap/alleycat race are on! Yes Beeal!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the real deal Mike Fox.

To all interested.that dude mike fox as he's finally come to be called (after years of barely standing the childish micheal J) is a good man. Yes, he's had his problems, but who hasn't, the future will do that to a guy, shit, turning into a wolf from time to time will do something to a guy too... Not to mention his roll as a business man "movin on up" and catchin wreck with breezies, something he did marvelously in "the secret of my success.
Peep Game

Note the shirt, the tuck into the jeans, the tie, and most importantly the tie grab.. its like a "oh this old thing.." type remark, but since its mike fox, its more like.. shit i dont know what he would say he's a man of mystery...

also something yall will like that i was thinkin.. this fool may just be the first to ghostride the whip (surfin on the roof of the van in teenwolf fools, recognize..)
Peep Game
Here is dude in japan just cooling out sitting on a skateboard.

Aight, enough hype, theres an ill japanese site that talks all about MJ Fox and what he has done, who his family is, what sports he likes, all that shit, its on this site, go read up on it..
MJFox, the website
For instance he first starred in a movie called class of 1984, and now i gotta see this shit so yeah fools, get knowledge, get hyphy, and start treating my man with some respect and call him Mike, he's fuckin 30 now.. no longer the little J.Fox

Monday, April 24, 2006

News of the lefties

These cats are better than most.
Yo, i was out with zelanko and bill playing soccer yesterday, and it was really fun, check these photos out that Z took of us.

The big hype is over next sundays game, which myself and bill will probably bail on because of the elleged road trip...
Anyways, next sunday, this dude they call "The Hammer" is coming to play, and if yall dont know about the hammer, gather round cause this fool be on some serious next.. he's even down with parkour which is basically the sport of the future. thats the deal, he's future, like mike fox and shit.

the Hammer... is on the holy trinity type o hype.
Henry T

some shades

chris took this photo, and its a great photo.. I have not seen these shades since that day, so this goes out to seth in new mex... have you seen these shades, did i leave them in your car or house?
All day.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

more interjunk

In an effort to play out and generally overdo it, i think theres a few things yall might like to see.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

yall know henry's camera is bigger than broadway

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Henry Townsend

your homie, your confidant, the gangstro who you be hearing much hype about, well, Im officially releasing the photos from my blues career that yall's, i bet, didnt know about, because hey, when a dude says he's in his twenties, caucasion and left handed, chances are he's not lying, but was he lying?, you be the judge...
all this hyph and more at our house for the wednesday salmon dinner, make reservations with 24 hour notice, aka by tonight, and get to our spot or yer dead meat. MC Zelanko this means you.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

halloween 2005

an old photo i just got developed of bill and josie on halloween.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mud Skimming Santa Cruz

so homies went mud skimming. Yard Core. You think you have this much fun? Where were you? Maybe you could come over for some dinner or something?


Originally uploaded by millerman.
phase one mud skimming operation sc park stylee