Tuesday, February 28, 2006

living the high life

Over a high class meal of couscous and salmon, the lefties began a discussion ..

Thin mints vs. getting mugged by troop 42 outside of Safeway, following the 'hell nah, I ain't buyin yo shit' response to their adament pleas to buy their cookies

Bill: "My samoa without partially hydrogenated oil would be" .... finding a sweet music site, www.pandora.com
"I'll put the link in" - Henry
"so dope" - Chris
Also, watching a video on the development of Apple vs. Microsoft (what? oh, Bill and his computers)
The movie showed a female working behind a computer, obviously discouraged.. the movie comments that this is commonplace as "computers are a guy thing" ... oooohhhh shit ....
after a minor uprising, the video clip was deemed unfit for viewing by the students of UCSC

also a plus, hail... it sounded cool when he was walking in it, which actually wasn't that nice...

Bill getting mugged by troop 42: the avacado and cheese sandwhich he had for lunch, which was basically a greasy grilled cheese with a thin layer of avacado paste ..

"sounds like a high to me" - chris miller, cheese enthusaist

Chris: His delicious trans fat death coated thin mint would be "riding on my freakin' bicycle searching out the ingredients for a proper italian deli sandwich".,.. it was one of the best sandwhiches he has ever made..

His getting mugged by girl scout troop 42 outside of Safeway was actually getting mugged by troop 42 coming out of safeway.. "shit was real" .. he was just tryina get out of there with some sandwich supplies
"girls asked to me to buy some cookies and i'm like nahhhh nahhhh g"...
they just kept screamaing GIRL SCOUT COOKIESSSS.. sounds intense.
then the truth came out that this was just a simulated low.

"mean mugged is prolly what you got right?" - Henry
"nahhh" - Chris

His real low was standing up after spending three solid hours 'right here, in this exact spot' and finding himself three assignemnets deep with no end in site.. GO! GO! GO!

"ain't that the life" - Cass
"tryina keep my head up..." - Chris

Henry: His encounter with the girl scouts today .. after being asked to purchase some cookies, Henry made the fatal mistake of showing some interest.. then they were like, "yo thats a nice looking watch" then they was like "yoo lemme get at that shit" and continued with... "yoo, I want that shit"

So his tagalong was that he found "a ill ass place to get a watch today" pocketcalculatorshow.com..
"I'll put the link in" - Henry (yes, this is a repeat - apparently he's all about the links)
"They got some ill watches"
One example was given of a watch that plugs into your calculator ...
sounds crazy, we know. but this is oh so true.

Girlscout mugging: Today in the computer lab, young Henry was watching/listening to Stones Throw music videos.. and he was like "daaaamnnn this is pretty tight" ... As the story goes, it basically came down to "hella hoes shaking hella butt" .. So he watching this in the computer lab, with everyone around and everyone is looking at him. HELLA SKETCHY YO. Anyway, as Henry described, "being 'bout it 'bout it like I am, I'd like to give a shout to trikety ass E40 for keeping the movement going".. uhhhhh HYPHY YO
So Henry's in the lab like "Oh shit, oh shit I'm busteddd... strippers yo strippers.. shestory yo shestoryyyyy"
"peace out yo"
"im done"

As Henry awkwardly gives Bills arms the rub down..
"Ahhh its that weird flappy skin under your arms",
"Josies got that too" - Bill

Cass: Her tagalong/samoa was the dinner we just ate because the rest of today just wasn't interesting .. pretty 'mundane'
Actually, "today I learned how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon, which is 3... that was cool" way to go Cass.. thank you for enlightening us all, seriously, I never knew.

When she got mugged by girl scouts today it was suckey because she got a 60% on her math quiz! "girl scouts weren't very nice..."
Also her freaking arms really hurt, "it hurts to do a lot of things."

"so thanks for listening...
one love"

Chris would like to quote Cassidy ... when vieiwing our blog for the first time.. "DAMNN Kel is quoting himself hella much, when I write this I'm gunna quote myself"

"I think theres something ya'll should know... its HENRY yo.. henry." whatttt?

"come on RAGOLIA"

Okay okay, my samoa is the planned group study session/potluck with group from comm class.. two odd balls in the group.. should be weird

"hell yeah lets all go.. we'll show up and be like, we're just going to record everything you sayl... now pretend you dont see me..

also the british girls i met at work, and procedded to invite them to park the van they are living out of, in our car port anytime

finding out that i have three tests on tuesday.. which sucks.
feeling like i was going to spew on the harcore rap guy in front of me on the bus


okay kudos to cass for brining my jacket to work for me.. i would have froze at the bus stop without it. thank you .

kudos to ragolia and hersey for the great culinary delight that we just experiences..

i'll endorse that

kudo to chris for wearing those thai pants becasue he was pullling them up and putting his hands in there.. so deeply

chris on a downtown bum, bleeding from the face
i asked you wherer my bike is and i got punched in the eye. i just thought i should know!

HENRY: reminds me of hella time i spent being homeless with cass...
living off cass' street cred with prior having lived there
hella sunny day checkin out this tunel.. YES SWEET A TUNNElll... straps on camera, walks through tunnel, depths of dark its hellof muddy in there,,, really really muddy & slippery crazy slippery i need to walk the tracks.. 5 steps on track and went doewn so hard.. shoulder and arm hit right track
watch out for that third rail,
that shits high voltage
running woooooo get out to other side, now ripped up and bleeding seeping thru brown muck walked through downtown to get to beach to get shit off me... hella little kids at shower.. pissed off and bleeding hella gnarly,.. i look like craziest bum ever... took off backpack and shoes and walked into the ocean fully clothed.. it was a great day.. cant complain
height of bumosity.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

the beggining, feb 26th.

aight, so we're starting this off with a high/low metaphor of 80's babe or shapely chest hair(nicholas cage in valley girl) vs. Butt.

Chris: Babalicious hour long stint at bookshop santa cruz > very cool novels, deciding on "monkey wrench gang" as the keeper. also notable> walking around town, chris' new joy in life, bikes are played out.
Butts include raining, which was more of a plumbers crack, and not finishing homework, with a "them some nasty buttholes" -Josie comment.

Henry: Redicoulously boner 80's babe was, well, watching, triggidy ass bette midler get kidnapped n' shit, I was happy about that shit. I really dont like bette "no doubt, bet"-Chris. Danny Devito dope ass acting in VHS Ruthless People, Much Props.
other than that i didnt do a dam thing all day, which leads me to Butt.
Butt, This trick fool sandwich bullshit fool couldnt take more time to make my subway 2.49 special sandwich. "Id like to see that dude in a dark alley with a sperm bomb". "yo, let me get that herb and cheeze", Helnahhelnah. giveaway my fuckin bread and shit, helnah helnah.

Bill: 80's babe/vshape chest hair, today would be in his top 10% of laziest days of his life. Babe also=Linkin up itunes network in the house. and figuring out classes. "Hell yeah yo"-Henry. He proceeded to hype us on some sustainable living class, and we was all sure sure sure shogan, rock that shit homie.
Bill's Butt(something highly celebrated among friends, its apparently quite nice.):"whats up wit cho butt"-henry, Um I dunno, pretty average, "what about the green lemon?"-chris, Unidentifiable green object= rotted lemon which let of dust clouds like a real life pigpen from charlie brown.

Josie: Triangle of chest hair food, dinner tonight was nasty good yo, also the parmesean bagel w/ cream cheeze and tomato(she brings this up every night) was again.... good. "I love triangle chest hairs that have to do with food."-josie, her
Butt: Getting ready for work with lots o' stuff to be at work alone (like magazines and some size fat cool nicknacks) but alas, the boss man showed up, "Bahhh"(a staple in Josie's speech). She was later excited to leave and go home after work, but she fuckin left the lights on in bills car, drained that fuckin battery, and we had to roll to soquel to jump that shit with cass' whoopty ride.

Cass:(noteworthy comment, cass took notes during the session and so had not much time to think, so her H/L's are excusable) Triangle Chest Hair, a left over cold burrito from Jalepeno's, her Butt, shes buttless, Butt-free, "Sure Rach"-Chris.

Kudos for the night:
To cass and jos from bill: Good butternut soup homies
To Bill from Henry: Thanks for wearing that sweater today bill. "That sweater is the new old hotness, thanks for keeping us current"-Henry

That concludes our first edition, so if your listening to the sounds of "run that shit" by Edan, then your probly feelin us, and if your in on some bikes and hummers type o yelling bout's, your on the level, but if your on some Bette Midler's a hyphy wify type shit then your shit is played and we dont want you jockin us on the internet foo. Bounce.
Hell Yeah Yo, Peace.
Lefties feb 26th 2006.

Lefties House is Live High Voltage!

Yes yall we decided to take our nightly dinners and Highs/Lows Slam-Dance to the outer limits and post this shit on-line Yo. Read it and Weep. Heres the rules: Each night, the "Highs/Lows" is modified into a suitable metaphor. Past examples have Boners/Boneless, Shoots/Ladders, Scoops/Sunburns, Gutter-ball/Strike, and my personal favorite, The Sunny Sunday Drive vs. A Flare Gun Shot into Your CAR. Thanks Bill Hogan.

We will publish the minutes of our nightly pow-wows and provide priceless insights into a world of boners

"Basically, we're on some whole Next Level Shit." -Kel