Tuesday, September 26, 2006

for chris

i stole this from wally's my space.. Sonoma for days.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

long time coming. the son of god, and his pimp

well, i finally got my summer photos on here.
these are a few of my favorites.
p.s. stay tuned for an update soon. hopefully.


the son of god. our christoph

Saturday, September 23, 2006

To All Ye Homies

Dear Homies,

I am having a hard time putting into words what I am wanting to write to yall,
but lets say that I was reading through some of our early blogs. This year
has been utterly priceless to me, undoubtably the best year of my life thus

I have been thinking about the bay a bit, and warmly missing all the folks,
but expecially you kids and ragolia and sassidy and claire and for some reason
rainy days in la cruz and tall boy 'zonas...zami housse dinners and just
rollin' wit da homies. riding bikes to beckmans and drivin' thems mornins to
cabrillo pad, taking trips to the city and rarely riding in a car. Bargain
barnstorming and costco cheese-buying-photo-stealing, rambling
exploro-blasting and flicking bleeding wingnut snap-crackers. Cruzin.

We never seem to know the truly amazing times as they happen, but looking
back, the beauty of it all shines through.

I want to see y'all, I miss y'all, and I want the gold. Give Me The Gold

Your Son,

Christ Millerson

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Christoph moves to Appalachia

Here is some flicks of my workplace-Today was the most beautiful and perfect day so far. I had a couple quizzes in my ODL and math classes, but they were both real uneventfull. I spent the afternoon in the garden harvesting a bit of okra, then getting the new chicken run outfitted with some fresh fence posts-dug the holes (3 of them, as we already had some from the old run). For the posts, we had some old half-trunks of Locust wood-traditional fencepost material, apparently. I found the locust to be pretty dense and a bit sticky-a couple saws and an axe weren't happening, so I ended up shortening two of the posts with the machete-pretty labor intensive, but somehow really satisfying just whittling down these huge chunks of tree down to make fence posts. Anyhow, I was real thankful that i only had 3 posts to do. Tomorrow we'll put up chicken wire and build a chicken ramp. Seems fun, eh?

Tonight I went to the sage cafe campus to see this 24 year old ballad singer perform. She is an 8th generation ballad singer, and was amazing. I got her CD.
This friday and saturday will be real busy, as I am trying to go to an Amnesty Intl presentation on the war in Lebanon, then the whole afternoon and all day saturday doing chainsaw training. You see, as the "engine guy" in the garden, I get to all the heavy equipment training. I am the only one who gets tractor training, this semester at least. Its pretty cool. Also on saturday, there is a sweet sounding old time festival about 45 minutes from here called the Lamar Bascom Lunsford festival. It is named after LBL because he was a great fiddler and banjo picker (and lawyer) around here that did a lot to keep the old time tradition alive and popularize it in the early 1900's. Lunsford was actually the first person to make a banjo recording. Pretty cool. The festival is supposed to be a bunch of great bands and ballad singers, jams and old timey stuff. Its a 45 minute drive away. I hope that I find someone else who wants to go, but maybe Delaney will.
Right now my right hand is all sliced up from weeding the pumpkins and squash yesterday. It has been trouble for me, as I have a fingerprint split on my right index finger-hard to avoid that spot, so I just put up with it and hope it heals quick.
Thats all I could think about, but its been real nice being able to write it out, because reflecting on the day, all I can think is wow, what an amazing day. Tomorrow should be similar. I am really looking forward to it, as I have been keeping ahead of my homework or at least on top of it, so it hasn't been causing me any stress this week, unlike last week. . I'll call y'all soon when I ain't super tired or have to do homework.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

summer photos 06.3

summer photos 06.2

summer photos06