Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eggy Mouth

So I am sitting in my Environmental Ethics class and the professor, Mark Cobb, is lecturing about pre-socratics and phallic entities and chalk foreplay. This is all very nice and stimulating, so I am sitting back in my nice plastic chair and eating some hard-boiled eggy weggs. Yumm, hard boiled eggs. Unfortunately, I simply lacked the salt necessary to make the egg eating experience a maximum boner. Nonetheless, here I am sitting pretty in the back of Enviro Ethics munching a pair of tasty eggy-wegglies. Now to the two people sitting next to me. One, on my left, is the homie Todd, dreadlocked vegan prince. On my right, female homie Sarah


Now, the homie on my right and I had exchanged many a dope comment, and I knew she was down. I took a biggggggg bit of my lill eggy, chewed it up just a little bit, my cheeks puffed out with the whitey goodness, and tapped girl on shoulder like I was 'bout to ask a question. When she looked up, I opened wide and it was just like the movie The Stuff and it was so ill. She freaked out and was laughing and shit and I was all like damn I am trying so hard not to spew this egg all over this fool in front of me while Mark Cobb is talking about aneximedes and shit. Meanwhile vegan prince is all like, "damn son you fuggin dis-gusting. you gonna rot in non-vegan hell" and I am like. yeah. meat and bones.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

road trip photos december 2006

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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