Monday, May 04, 2009

I am missing you all!

I, Dyelan am in spain and going on to milan, italy in a couple days.

it has been a little tough being in a city alone and i realize it was never my intention

to do just this when i planned my trip here to europe. no wonder im feeling a little anxious

to get to the back roads of the world.

i long for green grass, big trees and quiet country. I am staying inspired though

writing and drawing much.

i hope we can all have mad bbqs when i get back.

but until then im gonna soak it all up.

real live summer is coming and all though i am trying to live in one world, ill be thinking
of how everyone is doing in relation to what month it is.

ill see you in yosemite as well for i am definitely planning on visiting camp this summer!
much much love.