Wednesday, September 16, 2009

grey weather in NYC. what can you do?
here is a good video of a rapper that i hope will come out with more stuff. he does some werid singing type stuff but he has a bad voice. so who knows what will come out of any more of his music. today is kyle's birthday. Tomorrow Kel gets here. yee haw


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Berkeley dudes that Shred

here is an amazing video. i never knew longboarding was cool

Breaking the law

im gonna ride my moped to school today even though its not registered. just thought id let you guys know. i cant sit still anymore.

im gonna cross this street. looking for a woman so sweet.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

what was the bronx like in 1994 cass?

Like this.

2 posts in one day.
im on a roll

Seth in NYC

Homies and ladies and lady homies,
imma talk about NYC for a minute. ive been here for almost two weeks now and i have some impressions of this place. Let me start by saying that i live in a pretty nice part of town. i live a few blocks from where seinfeld was supposed to live on his tv show. there is a whole foods market 4 blocks away. that being said, there are also several public housing buildings within 2 blocks. there is a strange mixture of upper middle class jewish families and lower class black folks. Screw the impressions, ill just tell a few interesting stories.

me, kyle, and my friend daniel visiting from philly were walking back to my appartment from getting pizza 6 blocks away. we approach a corner 3 blocks away from my place. there was a confrentation happening between some kids (18-19yrs old) at a corner and a dude in the middle of the street. it seems they were throwing some shit at eachother. the dude in the middle of the street gets really mad and shouts " if i was shootin i would shoot everyone on that side of the street." thats when we were like lets get out of here. on top of that the guys at the corner called him a pussy. it was actually pretty funny.

then i was at the dmv yesterday waiting in the line to get a number so you can wait in another line. the place was packed, swarmed, hot, and nasty. this woman dressed in business attire walks in right up to the window at the end of the 1st line and says i need to ask a quick question. she asks and the guy says you need to wait in line for that. she isnt having that so she keeps talking to him, but he continues to help the person that waited in line at his window. she buts in and keeps trying to get his attention as he continues to ignore her. she starts getting louder and louder, addressing the whole room (which is huge and full of 200+people) saying this is how women get treated, etc. She starts yelling about social injustice against women. the man steps away from the counter out of view of me. im about 6 feet away from her through all this by the way. This is when she really flips. she starts screaming and jumping up and down having a tantrum, a serious 2 year old tantrum. she yelled, is it because i am a woman? is it because i am blonde? is it because i am beautiful? ( which was VERY questionable) the whole room is silent and watching her fit. after she stops the jumping and stomping she says, im not moving untill i get my question answered. so the whole dmv is at a standstill. then some manager comes out and tells her that the guy answered her question and she looses it again about sexism. i said that they wouldnt answer her question because she didnt wait in line. big mistake, she then directed all of her rage at me. screaming, it was nuts. my heart started beating really fast. then the manager stepped back in and handed her some paper and told her to wait over for another teller. she said she wouldnt wait. then he said do whatever you want. then she just walked over to the waiting area and waited. after the ordeal nobody in line wanted to talk about it. the guy at the window seemed pretty unphased too. the place started running again almost instantly. I was amazed how a person could survive that has tantrums like that. shame on some parents that raised a person that way. Ive seen some blow ups but nothing like that before.

School is going good, not much to talk about there. i got some top siders used on ebay. they are tight. and the biggest thing: i got a moped. THE moped. im still on a high from getting it over 48 hours ago. ill try to add a pic.

feel free to holler back. i could use some bay and elsewhere love. plus, kel i need some white or black steady slobbin stickers for my ped.